Challenge of the Gobots: The Original Miniseries Review

While the Transformers may predate the Gobots as a toyline from Japan, when it comes to cartoons they both got their start as cartoons in 1984 and only 9 days apart. At first seem like there’s little to differentiate two shows about robots that transform into vehicles (and then back again), but when it comes to production values and the basic ability to tell a story a few issues arise. The Transformers benefit from nostalgia leading many people to remember the cartoon series as being better than it actually was, but when watched objectively today you realize just how poor it is.

Can Challenge of the Gobots beat out their more famous peers when nostalgia is cast aside? Unfortunately, they can only claim a few minor victories.

The story is almost exactly the same with a civil war on their home planet Gobotron carrying over to Earth. The animation style is hit-and-miss with the facial expressions in Gobots being unfortunately cartoonish versus the more robotic visages of Transformers, but the animation is much smoother with richer colors that don’t seem as faded as the cartoon rival of the same year

This made-for-order DVD set has the original five episodes of the miniseries based on the Tonka toys (the back of the cover says Hasbro, but to be fair Hasbro didn’t buy the Gobots until mu ch later), including: “The Battle for Gobotron”, “Target Earth”, “Conquest of Earth”, “Earthbound”, and “The Final Conflict”.

DVD Bonus Features

There are none.

This DVD set is available exclusively from the online WB Shop.

"Challenge of the Gobots: The Original Miniseries" is on sale May 17, 2011 and is not rated. Adventure, Animation, Children & Family, Sci-Fi. Directed by Oscar Dufau, Ray Patterson. Written by Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward. Starring BJ Ward, Frank Welker, Ike Eisenmann, Peter Cullen, Phil Hartman, Bernard Erhard, Lou Richards.

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