Ferocious Planet Review

As one of Syfy’s made-for-TV monster movies, Ferocious Planet should have your expectations pretty low going in, especially if you happened to tune in for Behemoth. Starting with the science experiment gone wrong premise, Ferocious Planet takes a band of scientists, military men, and bureaucrats to an alternate dimension’s Earth where gigantic creatures with acidic blood rule the planet. Can they survive the elements and deadly creatures? Can they repair their portal-generating McGuffin? Will they make it back to their own reality?

If you just based quality off the premise, you’d have a solid 88 minutes of Sci-Fi goodness. Unfortunately, for a movie to work it also has to have characters, they’re probably going to talk a bit, and a few things will happen to them to drive the story along. This holds true in Ferocious Planet, and because of that it’s pretty pitiful. By normal film standards the production is pretty awful, however for a TV flick it’s about run of the mill for what you’d expect: botched line delivery, heavily expositional dialogue, inside sets that look like they’re made from cardboard, and plenty of lapses in logic. Of course, if Ferocious Planet is your kind of entertainment, you’ve probably trained yourself not to ask the hard questions like “How did the teleportation device just happen to transport the piece of a building that kept all four walls of the setup room intact?” or “Why is that fortified wall made of cardboard and why do the bullet holes look like they came from the other side?” or “Who the hell is dumb enough to steal a gigantic predator’s eggs just to be popular?”

Don’t ask these questions, just sit back and enjoy the stupid albeit enjoyable little ride that is Ferocious Planet.

DVD Bonus Features

Mercifully, none.

"Ferocious Planet" is on sale July 5, 2011 and is not rated. Adventure, Sci-Fi. Directed by Billy Obrien. Written by Douglas G. Davis. Starring Catherine Walker, Joe Flanigan, John Rhys Davies.

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