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Shows about tracking down serial killers can make for some exciting television as almost anything can happen and even main characters have a guarantee that they’ll see the end of the season. Epitafios spent its first season tracking down a killer who escaped from a hostage situation and then transitioned to double-twist plot where the protagonist is assigned to investigate crimes she had a hand in (a la Dexter). The first season was so packed with twists, that the second had a lot to live up to, but it never really captures the same gruesome spirit.

Julio Chavez and Cecilia Roth return as Renzo Marquez, a semi-retired detective, and homicide detective Marina Segal, on a case set off by the appearance of a man who seems to have clawed his way from the ground. Their relationship has expanded noticeably since the events of the first season, and their back-and-forth is much better this time around. They still consult with psychiatrist Santini for insights into the mind of their prey, which this time around is a killer played by Leonardo Sbaraglia.

Chavez and Roth are as good, if not better this time around thanks to the kinks in their chemistry having resolved by the end of the first season. On the other hand, Sbaraglia never manages to build up the diabolical persona that made Bruno Costas so effective in the brutal torture scenes of the first series riveting.

DVD Bonus Features

There are none, but it should be noted that the inner box and discs of the second season have all the markings of the first season's set, but they are in fact for the second season. It's a helluva mistake (as I'm sure many have returned their sets when they discovered that) but it doesn't really affect your viewing experience.

"Epitafios" is on sale July 26, 2011 and is not rated. Crime. Directed by Daniel Barone, Alberto Lecchi. Written by Marcelo Slavich, Walter Slavich. Starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cecilia Roth, Julio Chavez.

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