Ghost Hunters: Season 6, Part 2 Review

All the arguments about Ghost Hunters being faked and worthless aside, if you’re a non-believer and you find yourself sitting through a Ghost Hunters marathon, your mind is going to go to some dark places. With episode after episode of its two feckless hosts jumping at every creak in the floor boards or insisting they heard a sound that just isn’t there, your average person starts to wish for one thing: that something actually was there, lurking in the darkness. Anything, really. It might sound horrible, but if Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson happened to get locked into a house where there was a psychotic killer clown or, why not, a pissed off poltergeist, then these six seasons of television would have meant something. Sadly, this never happens, and so nothing does. In its sixth season, Jason and Grant continue to ignore the most obvious explanations for everything they witness or hear (or don’t hear) and blame it on ghosts.

Hawes and Wilson have long since stopped trying to find rational explanations for the legends of the places they visit, save for one or two rare instances, and now they just ham it up. If you really believe that they’re not using a few tricks to give themselves some credibility they wouldn’t otherwise have, all the power to you – but for any skeptics looking on, everything they do in the name of “science” is highly suspect. The show’s only reprieve comes from Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango who have a far more rational set of minds between the two of them, but sadly they’re no longer the main duo used to accompany the group. Instead, you have the equally gullible Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick who’ll accredit just about anything to a paranormal source (especially Britt).

For anyone who doesn’t believe in ghosts, the show is insufferable in its approach to “investigation” which really involves catching nothing of substance on video and then presenting audio clips of silence where one of them whispers a word and blames it on the ghosts around them. They claim to never research the places they’re going beforehand so they won’t have foreknowledge that clouds their judgment, and I believe them like I believe TV psychics. Of course they research the place, and it wouldn’t rankle so much if they didn’t attempt to then deny it with some poor acting to the clients, who, like every person who visits their psychic weekly, want to believe what they’re being told.

There’s no other critical assessment to be delivered on something like this other than discussing it for the garbage that it is. I may not believe in ghosts, but I can appreciate that some people do, and for their sakes I hope someone, someday puts together a TV program that isn’t as horrendously stupid and poorly executed as this one.

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"Ghost Hunters: Season 6, Part 2" is on sale October 11, 2011 and is not rated. Reality. Directed by Jay Bluemke. Starring Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson.

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