The Pool Boys Review

I admit, I love mindless comedies that don’t take themselves seriously, that don’t try be smarter than the intended audience or filled with so many twists. The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Old School, The Hangover, all these laugh-out loud films I’ll take any day over those so-called “smart comedies” where the writers try way too hard to show how intellectual and witty their film is. The Pool Boys, a mindless comedy where the main characters try and raise some extra cash by starting their own Beverly Hills escort service sounds exactly like my kind film. Laughs, tits and ass, what more could you want in a comedy? Unfortunately, The Pool Boys tries too hard to be funny. In fact, one has to wonder at times, “Where are the laughs?”

Alex (Brett Davern) is a recent high school grad, top of his class on his way to Harvard. Before classes begin he’s interning for the summer at the office his congressman, as per a condition of his scholarship. When the congressman is indicted for alleged sexual misconduct, his internship is cancelled and has no other choice but to seek help from his well-to-do older cousin Roger (Matthew Lillard). In order to keep his scholarship Alex must perform an internship. Believing Roger is the CEO of an “aquatics engineering” firm, he soon learns that Roger is nothing more than just a Beverly Hills pool boy. With the summer ahead of them and in need of fast cash, and with the help of Laura, (Rachelle LeFevre) a friend of Roger who happens to be an escort, the duo embark on quick making money scheme to open up an escort agency. This is where the film should get funnier and much raunchier. Hey’ it’s 2011. What we get is a very bland comedy, one that can’t get better even if you give it any more spice.

What could be a funny if not original premise turns into an uncomfortable look at miscast actors with no real chemistry filled with cameos of B-list celebrities, the occasional naked escorts running around clearly just thrown in for the titillation factor, and clients dressed in outrageous get-ups to satisfy their kinky habits. Lillard is a wonderful comedic actor and while I hate to say it, this film is just beneath him. His talents are clearly wasted, and his portrayal of a 40-year-old pool boy with an almost brotherly-type relationship with his 18-year-old cousin simply not believable. My guess is the powers that be were banking on Lillard’s youthful appearance to make the audience believe he could be close with his character’s baby-faced relative. Even then he’s too old for the part. Davern, who’s supposed to be the straight man to Lillard’s more laid back persona, is never convincing as a would be pimp nor do we see any evidence of him growing up and becoming more mature from this experience. Yet his character somehow manages to win the heart of Laura who’s far more worldly and brighter than she lets on than the would-be Harvard student. And Efren Ramirez is just the more obnoxious version of “Pedro” from Napolean Dynamite but with much more stereotypical flare. We can never have too many Latino characters working on someone’s lawn, can we? Even the bevy of half-naked beauties can’t save this wanna be attempt at “raunchy comedy.” It’s unfortunate that this screenplay was written without the laughs and charm included.

DVD Bonus Features

Among the DVD bonus features are the theatrical trailer for The Pool Boys, a behind the scenes featurette, and a Pool Boys Escort Service Virtual Lapdance which provides viewers with three girls who will virtually dance for you. Just click on your favorite girl and watch her jiggle.

"The Pool Boys" is on sale December 6, 2011 and is rated R. Comedy. Directed by Jb Rogers. Written by Julie O'Hora, Justin Ware. Starring Efrem Ramirez, Matthew Lillard, Brett Davern, Rachelle Lefevreand .



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