24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to NHL Winter Classic Review

Go beyond the game! The NHL Winter Classic is becoming a yearly tradition. The game happens every year around New Year’s Day and what makes the game so unique is that it takes place outside, usually in a stadium or arena. The 2011 matchup put the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Washington Capitals but to the average NHL fan this game was more than epic match up of Sidney Crosby versus Alexander Ovechkin. 24/7: The Road to the NHL Winter Classic aired on HBO, and was an episodic series that took you through four weeks of unprecedented “backstage” access to both teams leading up to the game. Both teams are contenders for the coveted Stanley Cup Trophy at the time of filming. Their match up is highly televised every time the puck is dropped. The Winter Classic was another epic battle between the two heavyweights.

The cameras take you behind the scenes of practices, off days and family gatherings. The documentary makes you feel as part of the team and gives the fan a chance to see who the NHL players really are. We also get a sneak peek behind the evaluation process of what a general manager and coach go through as the audience sees “the business side” of the hockey game. Coaches are angry, players are tired, players are injured, the players’ rituals of the game are all aspects you will get to view throughout the four episodes in preparation for the Winter Classic.

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect gift for the avid NHL fan. It takes you on a trip of what NHL players endure through a long season plus it’s narrated by Liev Schreiber and that’s always a good thing. 

DVD Bonus Features:

None, except going behind the scenes of two of the NHL’s best teams is special enough!

"24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to NHL Winter Classic" is on sale December 6, 2011 and is not rated. Documentary, Sports. Starring Liev Schreiber.

Randall Unger • Staff Writer

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