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Stress relief is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, and different people use their own methods for coping with the day-to-day struggles. Some people exercise, some eat, some smoke, some drink, some read, and others brutally torture a group hiking in the woods as part of a trip into the heart of nostalgia. That last one might be very specific to a select group of twisted individuals; namely those who’ve become infatuated with warrior-reverent cultures and read The Most Dangerous Game a few too many times as a kid. The Hunters features one such group: four men who maintain a shelter in the woods and prey on the panic of individuals who have the unfortunate luck of happening across their domain carpeted with corpses and dripping with curtains of blood. The film suffers from a scatterbrained story that has no discernible structure, and then falls apart completely thanks to poor acting and bad clichés.

Despite the warnings of teddy bears with ominous fortunes, some friends (Dianna Agron, Philip Correia, and others) take an expedition into the woods to explore a fort with a morbid history. What they find inside freaks them out, but the creepiest part of their trip has yet to come. Little do they know but four men thoroughly disappointed with their lives and each having their own psychotic breaks have made a habit of horrifically murdering anyone who trespasses upon their forest refuge – including them. What follows is a mad dash for survival in the woods as a detective (Chris Briant) attempts to uncover the secret of the hunters’ “Fort” and the friends try to escape with their lives.

At least, that’s what the film might be about. The plot structure is all over the place and it’s unclear what, if anything is happening in connection with other things. This has a bit to do with a few distracting accents in a few of the lead roles and a lot more to do with the direction and writing crafting a film that barely qualifies as that. It’s more of a collection of badly filmed scenes strung together with no real sense to tie it all together.

DVD Bonus Features

A baffling behind-the-scenes featurette is the only extra.

"The Hunters" is on sale December 27, 2011 and is rated R. Horror, Thriller. Directed by Chris Briant. Written by Michael Lehman. Starring Dianna Agron, Chris Briant, Philip Correia, Jay Brown, Terence Knox, Steven Waddington.

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