Age of Heroes Review

Where did James Bond come from? Not the Hollywoodized version, but the charming, ruthless secret agent from the timeless books by Ian Fleming. What better place to turn for answers than, well, Hollywood. Age of Heroes purportedly tells the true story of Fleming’s own elite 30 Commando unit that was dropped behind enemy lines in Norway to capture radar technology from the Nazis. What unfolds is a cat-and-mouse game of winter combat high in the mountains.

The disappointment of this film is largely creative. For whatever reason, a team came together and decided to make a film akin to the 1960s classics like The Guns of Navarone, The Dirty Dozen, Where Eagles Dare, and so many superb others. With the same sensibility of non-graphic violence and lack of 21st century moralizing about combat, the film is a return to movies where the good guys are good and they do what they do, no hard questions asked. Unfortunately, the film ultimately feels like too much of a rehash of these superior, larger films, coming across as their lower budget cousin born four decades too late.

Age of Heroes is an enjoyable watch and an undeniably brief one at a mere 90 minutes. Sean Bean delivers a solid performance as he always does, but don’t go looking for something new. This is a nostalgia piece and not much more.


For a movie that fell by the wayside, there are a generous amount of special features. Simple interviews with the cast and director coupled with behind-the-scenes footage take you on set and into the creative experience, while deleted scenes and bloopers, strangely enough, provide diverting entertainment. Best of all, however, is “An Age of Heroes,” the fifteen minute documentary chronicling WWII Commandos that feeds the history buff always on the prowl for new stories.

"Age of Heroes" is on sale January 17, 2012 and is not rated. Action, War. Directed by Adrian Vitoria. Written by Ed Scates, Adrian Vitoria. Starring Danny Dyer, James DArcy, Sean Bean, William Houston.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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