Jersey Shore: Season Four - Uncensored Review

Exporting the kids of Jersey Shore to Italy is like someone airing their dirty laundry in public—and then deciding to take it on a world tour. MTV can make all the arguments it wants to say that it was simply embracing the “Italian” side of its eight over-tanned, over-gelled, and undereducated misfits, but that just rings hollow. MTV sent Jersey Shore to Italy for the same reason it began hosting The Real World in exotic locations (or just different cities): eventually a cast runs through all the stupid things to do that a place has to offer. The experiment is not without an obstacle: save but for two of the gang, none of the “Italian”-heritage touting twits actually speaks Italian. The fourth season thus feels much more insulated, without a huge repertoire of friends to drop by unexpected, the gang becomes even more incestuous now that they’ve nowhere else to look for social interaction.

Depending on your personal investment in the lives of Sammi “Sweetheart”, “The Situation”, or JWoww, how shocked you are by the latenight hook ups and make out sessions that ensue in the fourth season will vary. For those who expect little from the Jersey Shore kids save for acting like stereotypically loud Americans, leaving a really bad impression of how the rest of the country acts, and mating with one another indiscriminately. Really, if you have no higher standard for Jersey Shore than 8 hormone-powered, sex-crazed kids saying and doing stupid things, then it doesn’t matter where you put them. Dropping them off in Italy certainly gives the season a new look, but it can’t change anything substantial. When has changing how you draw “Italian Herbs and Spices” on the side of a Pringles can actually affected the flavor? Never. The same holds true for Jersey Shore. Different country, same idiots.

America, can we please find a new reality fascination?

DVD Bonus Features

If the hours and hours of in-show footage wasn’t enough, there are tons of deleted scenes, post-show retrospectives, confessionals, and a reunion episode to satisfy your hunger for people to make you feel smart. A featurette on the style of Jersey Shore might be the best extra, if only because it’s made entirely clear they have no idea how silly they look.

"Jersey Shore: Season Four - Uncensored" is on sale December 27, 2011 and is not rated. Comedy, Drama, Reality. Starring Deena Nicole Cortese, Jenni Farley, Mike The Situation Sorrentino, Nicole Snooki Polizzi, Ronnie Ortiz Magro, Sammi Sweetheart Giancola, Vinny Guadagnino, Paul Pauly D Delvecchio.

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