Bounty Hunters Review

Bounty Hunters has all the looks of a poorly made amateur production, but after a while it shows itself to be the passion project of someone who idolizes stunt men acted out to a decently humorous but otherwise weak script. The action scenes could be excellent (one or two are) if they’d been filmed well with better timing on the edits, but the final product is disjointed and sloppy. The story itself works fine, but it’s strung together so poorly visually that what could have been an entertaining tale of bounty hunters trying to game the system becomes a chore to watch. There was potential here, but it evaporates quickly.

Ridley (Frank J. Zupancic) heads a trio of bounty hunters rounded out by part-time stripper Jules (Trish Stratus) and police officer-hopeful Chase (Boomer Phillips), and they’re given the chance to trade-up on one bounty when the prisoner offers them a higher paid target in his place. When they catch the high priority target, a mob boss calls them and offers them ten times the reward if they’ll turn over their bounty to him. When the deal goes awry, the mobster sends killers after the bounty hunter team to try and take the quarry for their own.

The acting of Frank J. Zupancic couldn’t be more wooden and nor his delivery more plain. The one bright spot in the cast is Boomer Phillips whose comedic timing garners a few laughs, but it’s the only saving grave the dialogue receives. Trish Stratus is barely better than Zupancic, but she’s at least got some stage fighting chops to fill her role out.

DVD Bonus Features

A behind the scenes look at staging a fight scene and an interview with Trish Stratus are the only two extras.

"Bounty Hunters" is on sale February 28, 2012 and is not rated. Action. Directed by Patrick Mcbrearty. Written by Reese Eveneshen. Starring Boomer Phillips, Frank J Zupancic, Trish Stratus.

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