Disney's "Geek Charming" Repels with Cliches Review

A pivotal point in the film Havoc involved Eric (Matt O'Leary) interviewing Alison (Anne Hathaway), as the latter lounges on a couch in her affluent house and flirts shamelessly with the outcast documentarian. While Havoc may have largely gone down as the film that heralded Hathaway's transition into more adult fare (evidenced in part by nudity on the actresses part), that scene featured more compelling characterization than the majority of the sunny but largely unnecessary Geek Charming. Here, the geek in question is Josh Rosen (it's reassuring that Disney is keeping budding filmmakers saddled with Jewish last names - good on you, Hollywood!), a film student who decided to keep his camera trained on social bee Dylan Schoenfield (Sarah Hyland). While Josh hopes to uncover Dylan's truly vapid popularity practices, what he uncovers...should I go on? Ok...what he finds is that Dylan is plagued by similar insecurities and the two have more in common than the young filmmaker anticipated.

You can see where this is going early on enough and while its reassuring that the film doesn't practice some kind of invented pop culture (here's looking at you, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century - that's right, this one's old) and instead deals in real-world film references that made this writer smirk (smiling would crack the cold, hard shell). The relationship between Josh and Dylan is complicated by respective love interests, but it's all a waiting game. 

DVD Bonus Features

You want extras?! How about ten full episodes of a random Disney TV show. No? Tough luck. Shake It Up is included across two discs, with four episodes on one and six on the other. So in effect, you are a buying a "combo pack" and getting a TV show you didn't know you wanted. Shake It Up is the domain of two best friends, one fool-hardy and the other reasonable, who star on a TV dance show. Their adventures are filled in by B-plots starring a cast of occasionally annoying, infrequently insightful character types. All in all, it's not bad, but frankly, if you're not buying this for your tween, there's much, much better TV out there.

"Geek Charming" is on sale February 7, 2012 and is rated G. Comedy. Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday. Written by Robin Palmer (novel), Elizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy (teleplay) . Starring Matt Prokop, Sarah Hyland, Sasha Pieterse.

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