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The post-apocalyptic indie The Collapsed (still confused as to what that title refers to) has enough psychological thrills to mess with your head, as long as you can put up the with the sub-par acting. The story follows a classic nuclear family as they try to survive in a Walking Dead-esque world. But, instead of running from zombies, they are running from other men; or so it seems.

Jon Fantasia, who plays the patriarch, is the strongest of the actors, which is good considering most of the film hinges on him. The rest of the family is comprised of Steve Vieira as the son, who looks like the younger brother of Ringer’s Kristoffer Polaha (and whose acting is no less offensive); Anna Ross as the petulant daughter, who lost her boyfriend in the vague apocalypse and is worried that she’ll have nothing to do the rest of her life except live; and Lise Moule as the dutiful wife, who attempts to have a poignant scene with her daughter before both of them are murdered (by far the best part of the film, other than the ending).

The ending, however, almost makes up for most of the films flaws, which are really the same as any low-budget indie film’s flaws—bad acting, cheesy soundtrack, forced visual imagery. There is a creepy aura to their trek through the woods that any viewer who has seen a horror film knows will be the end of the characters, but their deaths take on a different meaning as the story unfolds. The escalation of action and drama—and yelling!—results in a mind-bendy plot twist that gives the viewer some food for thought as the credits roll.

DVD Bonus Features

This DVD boasts two audio commentaries: one with lead actor John Fantasia and the other with writer/director/producer Justin McConnell and co-producer Kevin Hutchinson. It also includes a making-of documentary entitled “Apocalypse on a Budget,” a music video of the end credits song “Devil in Disguise,” the film’s trailers, a photo gallery, cast and crew bios, and an option to download the film’s score and screenplay.

"The Collapsed" is on sale June 5, 2012 and is not rated. Horror. Directed by Justin Mcconnell. Written by Justin McConnell. Starring John Fantasia, Steve Vieira.

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