Showtime's "Web Therapy" Has Some Problems of Its Own Review

It’s not hard to understand why the concept behind Web Therapy would appeal to Showtime: it’s a super low-budget formula that banks heavily on the Lisa Kudrow’s quirkily arrogant performance as a frustrated therapist, and the barrage of familiar faces that pop up as her patients. Even for a show that banks on awkward moments and absurdly, impossibly large egos clashing together, Web Therapy isn’t a stand-out show when it comes to its comedy. The painfully unfortunate moments when Kudrow butts heads with the likes of Lily Tomlin, Victor Garber, or Jane Lynch can elicit chuckles, but that’s it and that’s not enough to sustain interest in a show where all you get are (literally) talking heads.

Leaving her past position at a firm in some unspoken form of disgrace, Fiona Wallice (Kudrow) has chosen [read: resorted to] a new form of therapy that she runs from her computer and only lasts three minutes at a time. Her clients include a couple (Dan Bucatinsky, Rashida Jones) that may or may not actually be siblings, a psychic (Courteney Cox), a business woman with anger problems (Lynch), and a multi-millionaire (Alan Cumming). Even as her business begins to take off, her husband (Garber) treats it with a fair amount of disdain because firstly it’s a weird way to do therapy and second he may no longer be interested in her sexually.

Web Therapy’s format of boxes filled with people’s faces just sitting and talking might be strange, but this is easily one of the better things Kudrow has done since Friends. She might not be likable, but her character engages in enough shamelessness that you can’t help but react to her version of “therapy” if anyone can call it that. About three to four guests are on the show in any one episode (after all, without them it would just be Kudrow talking to herself), and some make their mark more so than others. Whereas Jones and Bucatinsky have a rather long and recurring part in the first season, they’re easily upstaged by Tomlin, Lynch (pretty much playing the same role as always – but it fits here), or the charming Cumming.

DVD Bonus Features

Audio commentaries by show creators Kudrow, Bucatinsky, and Don Roos are available, as well as some pretty fantastic outtakes and a behind-the-scenes featurette (though if you’re expecting much from that last one you’re kidding yourself).

"Web Therapy: The Complete First Season" is on sale June 19, 2012 and is not rated. Comedy. Directed by Don Roos. Written by Dan Bucatinsky, Lisa Kudrow, Don Roos. Starring Alan Cumming , Courteney Cox, Jane Lynch, Lily Tomlin, Lisa Kudrow, Rashida Jones, Victor Garber, Dan Bucatinsky.

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