You'll Find Nothing in "Ghost Hunters" But Empty Space Review

You have to think that if Harry Houdini hated the way supposed psychics scammed the recently bereaved for profit, he’d feel just the same about the so called Ghost Hunters who offer to find genuine proof of imagined specters. The intellectually dishonest concept behind this long-running show plays off the same idea that people will see and hear what they want to. For realists (or cynics, as believers would call them), Occam’s Razor suggests all we’re seeing is a bunch of reflections and all we’re hearing is the wind, shuffling of the feet, or, worse yet, the cast themselves whispering to afford themselves any credibility they can get. Using the same easy outs we’ve seen from the Ghost Hunters before, the seventh season’s first volume is every bit as hard to swallow as all the seasons before.

The seventh season of Ghost Hunters once again fails to capture any solid proof of ghosts and so they pad out each episode with their team jumping at shadows and inserting spooky music to make whatever supposed whispers the team heard on-location inaudible for viewers at home. If they think a ghost is communicating via claps in an abandoned insane asylum they’ll pause after they ask a question and accept a random noise 10 seconds later as a sign of intelligence life from beyond. All the signs and sounds that your average, mature, intelligent adult would accept as the usual occurrences of an old or dilapidated structure, they attribute to spirits.

You can’t expect to get legitimate, unbiased results when you put people whose television careers bank on finding results on the job. That’s like assigning a group of researchers to find a link between bubblegum and terrorism over 2 years, and then informing them they’ll only be paid if they find a connection. Of course they’re going to come up with something, but only an idiot would accept it as anything but the work of desperate individuals. Much as only an idiot would let themselves be convinced that the static and random noises caught on a high-sensitivity microphone are actual words. These are the kinds of people who believe their Cheerios are haunted because they spell out moans of distress.

What’s worse is that the people working in Ghost Hunters have no legitimate scientific or investigative background, they’re plumbers and their equipment has no real bearing in any kind of science. So you can measure electromagnetic current? Whoopdi-doo, it’s hard to find an electronic device or charged wire that doesn’t emit some level of that. It’s like using a metal detector to find a living iron man in a house made entirely of steel, and then deducing that all the affirmative blips are proof he was there.

It’s junk television pure and simple, and the fact that it’s still on is pretty indicative of just how bad “reality” TV can get and how willing American audiences are to watch just about anything.

DVD Bonus Features

Additional footage from many of the episodes is the only extra.

"Ghost Hunters: Season 7, Part 1" is on sale August 7, 2012 and is not rated. Reality. Starring Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes.

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