"Home Run Showdown" Strikes Out Review

Home Run Showdown retreads the old underdog sports team story with a youth baseball team program. This time the clashing Deluca brothers use these kids’ teams to compete for their father’s (Barry Bostwick) bar. Joey (Matthew Lillard) is a washed-up minor leaguer coaching a team of misfits while Rico (Dean Cain) is a washed-up major leaguer coaching a team of winners. They do all they can to take their teams to the final Home Run Showdown competition.

Joey’s ragtag team of misfits is comprised of Lori (Kyle Kirk) who wants to make it to the final round so that his dad will be able to see him on TV in prison; Fassi (Emma-Less Hess) who is an aggressive, no-holds-barred girl softball player who prefers to play hardball; and Tanker (Brandon Balog) who is the overweight kid who never gets picked. These children act more like adults than the adults do, which isn’t a hard thing to accomplish when the Deluca brothers are the epitome of squabbling siblings.

Clichés abound as these kids learn to believe in themselves and their ability win, in turn teaching Joey to believe in himself. Lori begins to look up to Joey as a replacement for his absentee father, which is just the confidence boost Joey needs to drive the team to victory. Uninspired montages show the kids playing baseball and getting into squabbles. And even the romantic subplot between Joey and Tanker’s overprotective mother (Annabeth Gish) feels forced.

Absolutely nothing new is said—about baseball or self-improvement or anything, really—in this “inspirational” sports film.

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"Home Run Showdown" is on sale August 21, 2012 and is not rated. Sports. Directed by Oz Scott. Written by John Bella, Tim Cavanaugh. Starring Annabeth Gish, Barry Bostwick, Dean Cain, Kyle Kirk, Matthew Lillard, Wayne Duvall.

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