"Amazing World Of Gumball" Holds Its Own With Other Cartoon Network Classics Review

When it comes to Cartoon Network, the world starts and stops for Adventure Time and Regular Show. These are just the facts. Those two shows are full of brilliant writing, hilarious dialogue and often, badass action. Both are shows created for the hipster crowd by the hipster crowd. Both are equal parts Where The Wild Things Are and Clerks. Both are brilliant in every sense of the word. Then, there’s The Amazing World of Gumball.

That might sound like a slight, but truly, it isn’t. When Gumball started, I was excited. It looked fun, incredibly charming and incredibly imaginative. The two lead characters, Gumball, a blue cat and his adopted brother Darwin (a goldfish) live in a world populated by absurd creatures and characters, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex who lives at the junkyard, a anthropomorphic bunny rabbits, hag-like monkey teachers and balloon children who can’t do much due to lack of hands.

While the show doesn’t have the hipster-level absurdity that Regular Show has or the in-joke heavy dialogue of Adventure Time, Gumball works as its own monster, following at a close third to those two higher-profile programs. This show also isn’t afraid to go places the other two programs seem to. In one particular episode, Darwin and Gumball’s attempts at finding a third friend contains dialogue that, if paid attention to by a responsible parent or adult, could easily be misinterpreted as two boys looking to have a threesome. This isn’t my imagination, folks, here’s a sample of the dialogue from the episode “The Third”:

“Won’t that be a bit weird?”

“It's only weird if we make it weird.”

That, my friends, is two people talking about a threesome. Are Finn and Jake ever talking about threesomes? Nope. Do Mordecai and Rigby talk about it? Nope. Darwin and Gumball do. By the third episode.

If you dig Regular Show, consider The Amazing World of Gumball to be a lighthearted take on the show. It’s the perfect warmup for a night of existential absurdity courtesy of Cartoon Network, before it turns out the lights and becomes Adult Swim.

The Amazing World Of Gumball is worth a spot in your DVD collection.

DVD Bonus Features

Meet The Wattersons.

"Amazing World Of Gumball: The DVD" is on sale August 28, 2012 and is not rated. Animation. Directed by Mic Graves. Written by Ben Bocquelet Jon Foster Mic Graves. Starring Kwesi Boakye.

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