HBO Works to Undo Myths of "Sex and the City" with "How to Make It in America" Review

We’ll probably never know the full extent of the damage wrought by Sex and the City on the perceptions of today’s youth as to what living in New York City is really like, but shows like How to Make it in America help to remedy that. Granted it still shows people living large in apartments nicer than what their money would legitimately get them, but it also shows the daily grind of trying to build something for yourself in a world where favors can come from unexpected places and deals can fall apart as quickly as they materialized out of thin air. With solid leads played by Luis Guzman, Bryan Greenberg, Victor Rasuk, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Lake Bell, How to Make It in America's second season benefits from some great guest appearances by the likes of Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano.

With their brand Crisp launched but not quite popular, Ben (Greenberg) and Cam (Rasuk) begin the necessary wheeling, dealing, and hustling required to get the word about their label out in the world. After a few marketing tricks that only resort in minor success, they connect with a woman who helps Crisp find placement in a major chain with huge profits just around the corner. Meanwhile, Rene (Guzman) struggles to turn legit after his energy drink Rasta Monsta becomes a hit only to suffer from some bad publicity over its negative portrayal of Caribbean culture.

Performances are terrific all around and the writing keeps the story lean with plenty of character development and plot advancement per episode. It’s a great little show with a cast that most shows should envy.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The set’s two featurettes include looks into the lives of three real entrepreneurs and a production featurette for the show. Also included are audio commentaries for three episodes with the show creator Ian Edelman, executive producer Julian Farino, and stars Greenberg and Rasuk.

"How to Make It in America: The Complete Second Season" is on sale September 4, 2012 and is not rated. Drama. Directed by Julian Farino. Written by Ian Edelman. Starring Bryan Greenberg, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Lake Bell, Luis Guzman, Victor Rasuk.

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