'Kattpacalypse' Long On Noise, Short On Jokes Review

You may recognize Katt Williams as the strikingly irritating presence that kept you from watching films like Norbit and First Sunday (or you may love him; the guy clearly has his fans). As much as I try to remain impartial, I really can't in this case; I find him really annoying, and being exposed to him for an hour straight only multiplied the feeling. While comedy is perhaps more subjective than any other form, it would be difficult to argue that Williams’s style is anything but loud, aggressive, and unremitting in profanity. Should this appeal to you, you may well enjoy Kattpacalypse. If not, it sure won’t change that.

As noted in a voice-over prior to the program, Williams hadn’t been on stage in quite a while when gave this New Year’s Eve performance. If he was off his game, it doesn’t show, because he certainly doesn’t lack for energy or confidence. He shouts constantly as he bounces back and forth across the stage, without audibly straining his voice (which is impressive). His language is peppered with profanities and near constant use of the ‘n-bomb’ as any sort of noun he finds convenient. Really, there isn’t a topic (Obama, religion) he covers that it doesn’t find its way into somehow.

Which isn’t to say that he’s never funny. Every so often, he stops long enough to let something sit, and it almost catches you off guard how insightful it is. But those moments are few and far between an otherwise constant barrage that doesn’t even always include jokes. Taken altogether, it’s more wearying than anything else, though I’m more than ready to admit that I’m outside the target audience for this. It’s possible that that I just ‘missed’ something (it wouldn’t be the first time), but I’m just as certain that there are plenty of people who will react with the same distaste.


There’s also an animated short.

"Kattpacalypse" is on sale September 18, 2012 and is not rated. Comedy. Directed by Marcus Raboy. Written by Katt Williams. Starring Katt Williams.

Anders Nelson • Associate Editor


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