Mr. 3000 Review

I think Eric Champnella should stick to writing screenplays because this movie wasn't good at all. He brought along his boy Keith Mitchell (they shared writing the screenplay for the movie Eddie in 1996) to a disaster story. Usually when you watch a good comedy you leave the theater remembering certain lines that were funny. You expect Bernie Mac to be, as Jeffrey Lyons of NBC TV put it, "very funny." But he wasn't really.

The story starts off as Stan Ross (Bernie Mac) is chasing a goal of becoming a member of the hall of fame and nothing more. He has this fixation, just as Pete Rose, that if you reach a certain milestone you should be inducted into the Hall. Well his Brewers are in a race for the pennant and he reaches that milestone, the 3000th hit. He walks out on his team and begins his new life outside of baseball. Years after being inducted into the Hall, members of the induction team to Baseball's Hall of Fame find an error where three of his hits were recorded and shouldn't have been. He rejoins the fanless Brewers, where the owner decides to simply keep him until he gets that illustrious 3000th, causing a rise in the fan base. As the movie progresses Stan Ross becomes more of a team player rather than a ME player.

There are a few short moments where the movie is good but overall it was more of a drama then a comedy. I would tell people to pass on this one.


Ocean's Twelve Review

Continuation of the re-make from the original Ocean's Eleven starring Frank Sinatra in the 60s. Andy Garcia plays Terry Benedict who's back to fulfill his promise that he will hunt down Ocean's Eleven. He finds them and is asking for his money back...with interest of course (160mil+). The bad thing is that a lot of members already spent most of their cuts and they are too hot to be doing any jobs in the U.S. Benedict gives them two weeks to come up with the money. So a meeting is called and the crew is to head off to Amsterdam to steal the money back, however they run into something they didn't quite include into their equation, the Night Fox. The Night Fox has a grudge against the Americans, because his mentor Lemark basically stated that the Americans were the best thieves in the world.

Just as Ocean's Eleven had their twist about how their theft went so does Ocean's Twelve, and some of their tricks are pretty damn good. Catherine Zeta-Jones is absolutely stunning in this one... Ocean's Twelve contains a cute little ending to watch with the ladies if you want to ;)

You can never beat an original, or Ocean's Eleven (2001) for this instance, Soderbergh pretty much matched it. It was average if you saw the first one already and you pretty much know what you're getting into.


I, Robot Review

I, Robot takes place in the year 2035 in the city of Chicago, IL USA. The name I, Robot gives you a pretty big clue as to what this movie is going to be about....robots.

Will Smith plays Detective Spooner who refuses to trust our new mechanical companions, the robots. Spooner had an incident sometime ago in the movie which caused this distrust of robots and he has been unable to trust them since.

USR is on the verge of releasing its newest version of robot the NS5. The NS5s are made to look life like and even take on human emotion. The robots are created with the "3 Laws" which prohibit them from harming humans and themselves. Eventually a human dies at the hand of a robot and Spooner starts to hone in on a very special NS5 (Sonny). Revealing anymore of their interaction would spoil the movie's ending if you haven't seen it yet.

Will Smith isn't my favorite actor at all - by far. But I felt he did well in this role. Where his humor was pretty dumb in Bad Boys II, ie ("ah, you done got me mad now") it fits much better in I, Robot. If you're into SciFi or even robots, then you'll want to check this movie out. There's enough action to keep you focused and enough down time to thicken the plot and keep you guessing.

Definitely one to see on a big screen TV or a movie theater.


Collateral Review

I have to say I heard a few bad reviews about this movie because of the role Tom Cruise played in it. After watching it, I don't see how anyone couldn't give this movie a 'thumbs up'

The movie takes place in modern time. An unsuspecting cab driver (Jamie Foxx) get's hired by Vincent (Tom Cruise) to drive him around for an entire night running "errands". By the first "errand" the cabbie finds out what he's in for and the movie takes off. The movie has VERY few lull moments when the action subsides. When it does, it's entirely appropriate and adds to the characters and overall theme of the movie. There are some terrific action scenes and the shooting style done by Tom Cruise is realistic down to the combat reloads he does in a club scene.

Collateral has a nice mix of background music that blends well into the movie.

It's refreshing to see Tom Cruise play a 'bad guy' role. In my opinion this movie expanded on his acting background and will lead to more similar roles in the future. This one is definitely worth seeing....twice...:)


The Terminal Review

Let me start by saying I'm very fond of Tom Hanks's acting ability. He has played numerous roles that must have been very challenging.

In The Terminal Tom Hanks plays Victor who is trying to gain entry to the United States. His country falls to civil unrest and his passport becomes invalid. Victor falls in a crack of our customs system and ends up literally living at the airport for nine months.

I was impressed by the set as I heard the set was built from scratch and was not filmed inside of an actual airport.

The Terminal had a unique story line not seen in any recent movies. With that said, the only thing that carried this movie was Tom Hanks's acting ability. There were a few chuckles during the movie, but nothing "gut busting" by any stretch of the imagination. Even the romantic side of this movie left a LOT to be desired for. Catherine Zeta Jones had a sub par performance in this movie. Some parts of the movie including a 80 year old janitor running onto the tarmac and stopping a moving air plane were just beyond unrealistic.

The movie seemed to change direction so often; it leaves you with a feeling of what happened to all the rest of the stuff they started to get into.

Overall, a very good Tom Hanks performance, but that\'s it. Definitely a video rental and only if the movie you were originally going for is gone. No wonder this didn\'t do well in the theaters....


Assault on Precinct 13 Review

I's a snowy new year's eve and Sergeant Jake Roenick (Ethan Hawke), his secretary, and a retired officer are in charge of the soon to be closed precinct 13. They plan on celebrating the new year and taking it easy, but soon they receive word that a prisoner transport needs to stay the night due to the weather. One of these prisoners is gangster Marion Bishop (Laurence Fishburne), who is under arrest for killing a cop. Without ruining the whole plot of the movie for you, the precinct is soon under siege by a certain group who wants Bishop dead and the criminals and cops are forced to work together to make it out alive.

I really didn't know much about the movie before I went to see it and didn't really have great expectations for it either. It was more for something to occupy my time; however it turned out to be a descent film. Now granted it's a pretty cliche situation, but the action is intense and scenes are well filmed. It really never gives you a chance to settle down as the action is pretty continuous, yet never boring. Along with the action, the actors gave very nice performances which you might not expect in a typical action movie.

Overall I would give Assault on Precinct 13 a 7 out of 10 as the action keeps you in your seat always wondering if anyone will make it out of the precinct, but the overall premise of the movie is still a bit common for a plot. If your into action it's definitely a movie you should at least make sure to rent.


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Review

I had my doubts before viewing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. It was mostly filmed behind a green screen and well with most films even big budget films, you can usually tell what is computer generated and what is real. However as I began watching the film my doubts quickly disappeared. The style that director/writer Kerry Conran went with really complemented the film and added to its nostalgic feel.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is set in the futuristic 1930s at a time when the city of New York finds itself under attack by giant robots. New York City reporter Polly Perkins (Gwyneth Paltrow) is determined to discover the origin of these attackers and with the help of her ex-boyfriend and ace pilot Joe "Sky Captain" Sullivan (Jude Law) they set off on an adventure half way across the globe.

Like I had mentioned before I really like what Conran did in terms of the cinematic effects. It really emphasized the time period it was set in and gave the film a very unique feel. It's really something different to watch than your ordinary film. The problems I saw with the film however were its rather straightforward plot, mediocre script and little character development. The acting was average as well, nothing too spectacular, but they did well enough to keep the movie interesting throughout.

Overall I would give Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 7.5 out of 10 stars for its unique style and amazing visual effects. It's a must see for those into classic sci-fi and fun simplistic action.


MVP Baseball 2005 Review

MVP Baseball 2005 is continuation of the Baseball series made by EA SPORTS and if you enjoyed MVP 2004 you\'ll LOVE MVP 2005. This is about as real as a baseball game can get. EA frontiers their enhancements with the Hitter\'s Eye. The mini-game modes help enhance your hitting and pitching skills as you try to become the MVP of MVP Baseball 2005. When first playing I was immediately drawn in by the realism of the swing of the hitters. Everything about the game will get you hooked. Some of the new features include a quick pickoff attempt, movement in the batters box, swing analysis, owner\'s mode, create-a-ballpark, manager arguments, and the hitter\'s eye.If you have ever played baseball you\'ll come to appreciate this feature for this is almost exactly how a hitter approaches a certain pitcher. Obviously if a pitcher is good at hiding the ball it is going to be tougher to pick up the grip on the ball, which in turn makes it more difficult to hit. MVP brings it in color; if the ball is white (fastball), red (curve/slider,etc.) and green for off-speed pitchers. The hitter will have to adjust to pitches by their location, speed, and effectiveness to come up with a solid hit.Graphics:The graphics to the game on both the XBOX and the Playstation2 consoles are exceptional. The faces of the players are realistic along with the body structure. Baseball fields are well designed and very precise. While making diving catches or robbing a hitter of a home run the ball will actually appear to go into the player’s glove without \"morphing.\" The pitch analysis feature allows you to go back and review exactly how the ball made contact with the bat. The best replication of all of the players batting stances in the entire major league yet, also personalized home run trots and home plate celebration are fun to watch. Very nice!Sound:The bits and comments from the announcers are more or less the same, but the way that the ball sounds off the bat is amazing. There will be a different sound depending on which part of the bat you hit the ball with. I\'m not all that impressed with the soundtrack, I think the one in 2004 was much better but it\'ll do.Controls/Game play:The default controls for both the Playstation2 and the XBox are how it should be. MVP 2005 fixed some big time flaws such as the double play by adding the flip feature. The middle infielders will also side step the base runner so they can get a clean throw off to first base to complete the play. The batting portion of the game couldn\'t be more real. If you attempt to pull an outside pitch the hitter will lunge at it and either pop-up or hit a slow roller. While pitching, accuracy is certainly the key, as if you miss the location of your pitch, it could land in the seats. The long awaited coaching argument feature is a risky shot at trying to get a play overturned, but is fun and does work. Argue too much and you\'ll be forced to leave the managerial decisions up to the computer. For beginners this game would probably take a little bit of time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it and you really enjoy the game of baseball it\'s fun to play.

Troy Review

Any adaptation of anything has its chance of being flawed. Especially with one of the oldest stories told, from one of Homer's epic tales. I'd love to give this movie 9 out of 10 just for its battles; alas I can't because it suffers from poor pacing. One of the drawbacks to adapting such an old story is that theirs too much to tell within a 2 and a half hour piece of time. With the time used the filmmakers just continue to create really well choreographed battles followed by gruelingly long monologue type speeches from every character and then back to a battle. It's hard to really follow it with its pacing. Halfway through all you want is less talking and more fighting. You also want to punch Orlando Bloom in the nose, but it's just because his character is such an ass.

Movie: 2.5/5

Warner Bros. again is top-notch with its DVD transfer, only minor grain in the skies. The blacks and whites are very clear, and no haloing around characters.

Video: 4.5/5

The rear speakers and subwoofer get a good workout with the English track. While the center channel is all for those damn monologue speeches.

Audio: 4/5

Sadly, no commentary track is on this set. On Disc 2, I was very impressed with Warner Bros. here. Lately I've been disappointed with WB's special features on DVDs, but it seems that now they've given the job to a small company named New Wave, who just do a bang up job with the featurettes. The first featurette gives you the idea of how grueling it was to choreograph some of the fight scenes. The second is just the history of the location of Troy. The Third featurette is about how the visual and sound affects were created. Apparently they created a sim program just for the battles that reminds me a lot of Rome: Total War. The found affects are just your average Foley artist, rubbing baskets in dirt to make the sound of flaming hay balls rolling down a hill. The set is rounded off with a 3-D guide to the gods and a Trailer.

Extras: 4.5/5



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