Troy Review

Any adaptation of anything has its chance of being flawed. Especially with one of the oldest stories told, from one of Homer's epic tales. I'd love to give this movie 9 out of 10 just for its battles; alas I can't because it suffers from poor pacing. One of the drawbacks to adapting such an old story is that theirs too much to tell within a 2 and a half hour piece of time. With the time used the filmmakers just continue to create really well choreographed battles followed by gruelingly long monologue type speeches from every character and then back to a battle. It's hard to really follow it with its pacing. Halfway through all you want is less talking and more fighting. You also want to punch Orlando Bloom in the nose, but it's just because his character is such an ass.

Movie: 2.5/5

Warner Bros. again is top-notch with its DVD transfer, only minor grain in the skies. The blacks and whites are very clear, and no haloing around characters.

Video: 4.5/5

The rear speakers and subwoofer get a good workout with the English track. While the center channel is all for those damn monologue speeches.

Audio: 4/5

Sadly, no commentary track is on this set. On Disc 2, I was very impressed with Warner Bros. here. Lately I've been disappointed with WB's special features on DVDs, but it seems that now they've given the job to a small company named New Wave, who just do a bang up job with the featurettes. The first featurette gives you the idea of how grueling it was to choreograph some of the fight scenes. The second is just the history of the location of Troy. The Third featurette is about how the visual and sound affects were created. Apparently they created a sim program just for the battles that reminds me a lot of Rome: Total War. The found affects are just your average Foley artist, rubbing baskets in dirt to make the sound of flaming hay balls rolling down a hill. The set is rounded off with a 3-D guide to the gods and a Trailer.

Extras: 4.5/5



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