Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction Review

The USA is involved in another military conflict, this time in Korea.Learning from our past successes, the government puts a bounty on NorthKorean enemies. Thus creating a new deck of 52, just like Iraq. Capturethe deck of fifty two and earn millions! Select your Merc of Choice andget going!

Ihad not heard much about this game when I started, but as soon as itloaded, there it was, Grand Theft Auto, mercenary style. I thought Iwould start playing like GTA. I selected my character and off I went.While at first glance it felt like GTA, the controls where different.Not in a bad way, but they where different. Driving took some gettingused to, as the left and right trigger are not Brake and Accelerate,and in order to enter vehicles, one had to be with in the green circle.From there, the game seemed much more linear then GTA. There is onegoal, make money, that’s only done by complete missions to getinformation that leads to capturing cards. Cards can be captured in anyorder, except the ace, which allows enough freedom to be like GTA, butNOT BE GTA.

The Vehicles that are captured hold strategic value as they maskyour identity. As a mercenary your goal is to work for the highestbidder. So working for all sides is necessary to earn the big bucks.The next mission that is accepted might be from the same people you gotpaid to attack. This adds a fun little twist. Depending on the vehicleand the area, troops may or may not attack you. (side note, it’s easyto kill the wrong people when driving a tank, doing that takes moneyout of your pocket!)

Theweapons are standard military weapons. Being able to buy militarystrikes are a BIG plus and a lot of fun. While Tanks and helicoptersare really vehicles, I consider them part of the weapon category. Drivearound in a tank or fly a helicopter and you’ll see why. The weapons onthose things are awesome…..until you run out of shells.

This game was a lot of fun. I would start playing and before I knewit a few hours had past. It has an easy learning curve, and a goodenough story line to keep a person interested. If some one didn’t likeGTA though, I don’t know if they would like Mercenaries. They aresimilar enough where someone might not give it a chance and say “I’veplayed this, it’s called GTA”. Over all it was a great gammingexperience. At times I wished the missions to be a little moredifficult (especially in the beginning), but I was so busy playing andgetting through them I only thought about it after I had finished. It’smore important to be fun then be challenging anyway.

Boiling Point: Road to Hell Review

The story begins when Saul Myers receives a call from magazine hisdaughter works for. He is told that she didn't contact them more than10 days and they are afraid she missed in South America during herjournalist investigation. Saul departures to rescue her. Having arrivedhe finds himself in the world of violence where 70 out of 100 thousandspeople are killed each year. In the country where there are many forcesthat fight for the power. You must rescue the daughter and keep alive.The scenery that looks banal in the beginning step-by-step gets mixedup and finally becomes semi-mystic.

You know, you never can tell with Atari nowadays. Sometimes theyput out something extraordinary and sometimes they put out somethingthat needs a lot more work! The latter is the case in Boiling Point:Road to Hell.

Story sounds pretty interesting right? Your daughter gets kidnappedin a South American country and you'll do anything to save her. Soundsjust like a movie I watched or more in tune to today's times, somethingright out of the current affairs from South America. I couldn't reallytell by previews if this was an adventure, FPS or action game. Turnsout it's all three combined.

I install the game and after the vendor splash screens I'm greetedwith a REALLY nice intro movie. The graphics on this movie are reallyabove par. Nice smooth animations and facial expressions. Now I'mreally looking forward to seeing how in game visuals will be with thistype of introduction!

Well, I'd like to get to game play but just loading took forever. Iliterally mean, long enough for you to make yourself a sandwich. Not aPB&J either. I'm talking a nice BLT. Ah, finally the game loads.The menu pops up and I select new game and medium difficulty. The gamehas to load again. I'm wondering at this point, what was all thatloading for in the beginning?

After the second loading is completed, I'm watching an in gameintro. The graphics spit and stutter during this little intro. I'mreally hoping things aren't going to spiral downwards for this game.It's ends and now it's time for some game play. There's a compass inthe upper right hand corner to give you some sense of direction andpopup hints appear every now and then as to what you can or should do.

Let's break this one down shall we?:

Game Play/Controls:
For starters you have your standard W,A,S,D keyboard controls withassistance from the mouse. Your numeric keys are default set to changeyour weapons. 'O' brings up your main mission screen and contains a tonof information you'll want to look through and check out.

SoI'm off, running through town making my way to my next objective. Mostanyone who I run into I can talk with. 'E' which is your default 'use'key starts the conversations off. What was nice was having the abilityto select different responses for someone you are speaking too. The badside of the ability to speak with people was some of the conversationstook way to long for my taste. Most of the information they would giveyou was important but a lot of times repetitive if you followed yourobjectives one by one. You usually found you already picked up on thatinformation from a citizen or someone else. Nevertheless, it was a goodfeature to see in the game.

I had mentioned your objectives screen. You have your mainobjective which is rescuing your daughter. Then there are little subobjectives which bring you closer to finding out her whereabouts. Onetab to the right of that gives you 'other' missions to do. Theseusually involve making money or working for the government or guerillasetc. Each of these missions helps you overall in rescuing yourdaughter. Some were so in depth though, it took away from the maintheme of the game, which again is rescuing your daughter.

Thegame map is HUGE. Just no other way to put it. You get something like625km to explore and walk around in. You'll definitely want to make useof the abundant vehicles that are strewn about the map to help you getfrom one place to another. A big thumbs up for having such a big areato play on.

You'll eventually notice an icon that appears on the upper lefthand of your screen. It will have a little icon that represents thegovernment, guerillas, civilians etc. There's a little slider thatmoves from the green (likes you) to red (hates you). So each time youdo something the government likes, the slider will move more and moreinto the green. Another nice idea for an action/adventure/FPS game. Butthere was a flaw as you'll see in my next paragraph.

I was in speaking with the Captain of this government force. Alittle hint popped up telling me how I can lift and throw objects. Inthis room was me, the Captain and a security guard. By this point inthe game keep in mind I had a pretty good amount of money, weapons andtoys collected. So I pick up this chair and throw it against a wallseeing if it would break. It doesn't and it falls onto a nearby couchand literally bumps the security guard in the back of the legs. Ok, I'msure I should have said "I'm sorry." What's the worst that could havehappened to him, a bruise?!?! The security guard yells "Enemy!(although we were just friends before that) and friggin opens fire onme. Before I even have time to run out of the room to save my statuswith them or say screw it and open fire, I'm dead. Grrrr.... I wake upin a hospital with a good portion of my items lost or taken. So at thispoint, the AI gets a big thumbs down from me.

It was easy to control my character and no adjustments were needed.There were some graphics issues which you'll read about in a latercategory that did have a minor effect on game play.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the game play and controls. Ifelt the conversation aspect and 'other' missions took away from theoverall game and really slowed the game down.

For every up there is a down and that's the case in this category.The sound was redundant to say the least. A car honking every minute orso got real annoying real fast.

Running through the jungle and hearing the government forces say"Slow down Gringo" with my reply of "Don't shoot! I'm on your side",again got really old really fast. Either give them something else tosay or keep them silent unless I interacted with them.

Another annoying repetitive sound was the sound of my feet hittingthe ground. No matter where I walked it sounded like a new pair ofshoes that were wet and you were walking on a linoleum floor. You knowthat squeaky sound you get? If you do, that's what you hear wheneveryou walk around. Annoying.

The voices were so scripted it wasn't even worth listening to. I'msure it had to do with the ability to choose your response but therewas almost no emotion in the voiceovers at all. Along the lines ofvoices, I thought we were in South America??? The phony Spanish accentwas just horrible to say the least.

Big thumbs down all the way around on audio. You'd be better off playing this game listening to your radio.

After such an impressive opening, things did take a spiraling plunge downwards.

Background objects were very, very flat looking. When the gamecharacters spoke, the audio never matched their mouth movements.Speaking of characters, I'm not sure what realism in facial movementsthey were talking about, but there was no realism that I saw. Maybe inthe opening, but surely not in game play.

There were major glitches in the game. I don't know how many timesI saw a soldier standing in the middle of something like a chair.Q&A people must have missed that one.

The game stuttered quite a bit too bringing down the game playcategory. I would be walking around and the game would hang for a splitsecond and then catch on. I wouldn't mind it if the game had only didthat now and then or maybe during a big action sequence. Every minuteor so is unacceptable.

The graphics in Boiling Point are just sub par and unfinished to say the least.

A good idea for a game with the 'other' missions to help break upgame play. In my opinion it did take away from the big goal of thegame. Sure could have been more focused.

The storyline is definitely buyable but with the poor quality soundand graphics work, you'll find yourself disappointed quickly.

I will say you'll find hours upon hours of game play though; the thing is how long will you actually want to play this?

Some people will surely want to add this to their collection ofgames, but I'd strongly suggest playing it at a friend’s house first.Definitely not a go out and buy now item.

Fight Club Review

Well first let me point out that they are about 4 or 5 years latereleasing the game, you would think they would try and put a game likethis out when Fight Club was a new movie and getting more attention,but they didn’t. They obviously didn’t spend the extra time working onthis game though. It’s rated M for blood, violence and language, butthey probably should have added boredom to that list.

Afterabout 5-10 minutes into the game you realize that fight after fightnothing changes except the name of your opponent. The storyline is dulland the cut scenes between each fight aren’t even animated, they arejust still shots with voiceovers. Kind of lame guys.

At least they put the xbox capabilities to a little use with thecharacters rendered pretty nicely, though many look very similar minusthe main characters. The one cool feature during the fights is when youfinish off your opponent and break one of their bones it shows askeletal shot of the bone breaking. Sort of interesting to see thefirst time.

The controls are like your average fighting game, kick and punchare your basic moves and you can use a combination of the buttons toperform more advanced moves.


Well…there isn’t much to it here either. A basic soundtrack andsome sound effects for when you break bones or throw someone intothings, nothing spectacular.

I’m really not sure why they even bothered with this game, I guessthey were just looking for some extra $$$ or had some spare time. Itlacks any real innovation and becomes dull and mind-numbing after justa few fights as every fight is exactly the same. Whoever approved thisgame needs to get a beat down themself. Unless you have a lot of extratime and no other choice, pass on this one.

Stolen Review

Hi guys and gals! I have a little something different for you this timearound. The game (if you missed the big title above) is called Stolen.Some of you may or may not have heard of it. I barely heard of it andthere was certainly no big "to-do" about it and rightfully so.

Stolen is about a woman named Anya who is a professional thief. Sheand her counterpart Louie are hired to steal a precious gem from thecrest of a historic Samurai statue. The plot thickens as a mysteriousobserver named Breeze comes in to the picture.

Sounds pretty interesting right? Well it is, until you actuallystart playing the game. Too many unfinished and sub par features takeaway from what could have been a really originally title and storyline.

Game Play/Controls:
First there are a multitude of controls for Anya. Besides usingyour standard keyboard layout of W,A,S,D and assistance of the mouse,there are plenty of other necessary keyboard shortcuts you'll be using.

As the game starts out, menus appear overhead that tell you how tocontrol Anya and which buttons do what. Any of you have that haveplayed any of the Splinter Cell games will feel very comfortable withthe controls of Stolen right away. Almost too comfortable. It honestlyfeels like they took the control mapping from Splinter Cell and copiedit right over to Stolen. Space bar does jumping and climbing. Mousewheel controls the speed of your running and walking. A lot morereferences we'll get into later that will make you see the resemblance.

I really had some difficulty with the camera controls in thebeginning. I never play with any of my controls inverted. It justdoesn't feel right to me. At first I thought the camera controls wereinverted. So I went to the menu and nope, they weren't. I tried playingwith the mouse sensitivity to help and after some playing around, justgave up to the defaults. I never could manage to get it to feelcomfortable for me.

For the most part, the ability to move the camera around helps alot. There are some instances like at the end of the first level whereyou can't move the camera and the angle is pretty screwy. Crawlingthrough the air ducts will make you feel the same way. You just keeppressing forward until you reach the end of one.

Anya does this wall climb where you walk towards a wall and holddown the right shift key. If you want her to jump off the wall, youhave to release the shift key and quickly hit the space bar while sheis on the wall. It's nice to have eccentric controls, but this wasalmost too much. Anya can shimmy along edges of balconies, peer aroundcorners, drop down silently and so on. Starting to sound more likeSplinter Cell?

The guards in the game have some good and bad qualities to them. Idid like the fact that they would walk around with guns drawn andflashlights on looking for you if you did something that caused them tobe on alert. I also liked how backup would arrive and they would assisteach other. The guards were pretty aware of their surroundings which isa nice feature.

WhatI didn't like was you could sneak up behind a guard and choke themuntil they passed out (Splinter Cell). They would fall on the groundand then you could drag them somewhere. Well with all the SC features,I thought it would be best to drag this knocked out guard into a darkcorner and leave him there. I quickly realized that was pointless asafter a short period of time the guard would reawaken. So I figured Iwould try beating the guard unconscious. I knocked him out and ofcourse he reawakens again. Ok, maybe they wanted some realism here.Then why on earth can't I pick up one of their guns!!! That's prettylame.

What I also thought was in the lame category was if I guard spottedyou, an alarm would go off and reinforcements would be sent your way.Well, if you knocked the guard out, the alarm would go off and a voicewould come over and say "Return to your posts". Ok, so one of yourbuddies is unconscious and everything is hunky dory now?!?!

There were plenty of little gadgets to play with in Stolen.Tracking devices which you could plant on a guard to monitor hismovements. A sound making device that you could shoot out of this multipurpose gun and activate it so it makes noise and the guards go checkit out. Now that's a pretty neat idea in itself. Then you had theseneutralizer devices that would only temporarily disable a video camera.Temporarily!?? But if you shot another one, the camera would just blowup. Some of the items I just plain never used as using them wasdifficult at times. Since the mouse wheel controls the speed of yourmovement, you couldn't just scroll the wheel to have your item ready.You had to go into first person mode and then use the up/down arrowkeys to select the appropriate item. Not very user friendly.

Therewere two very cool features to this game. The lock picking and hackingfeatures. If you wanted to pick a lock, you pressed the "E" key to'USE'. A little side menu would open and you would be a picture of alocks tumbler. You have to select the right pick and hold it for abrief time in order to pick the lock successfully. Hacking a computerwas the same thing. Except a grid of nine squares popped up and you hadto move one green square in the same pattern to successfully do thehack.

The sound of Stolen was nicely done. The characters voices soundauthentic and not like they were being read off of a script. In thefirst level they have it raining outside. When you finally make itinside the rain sounded muffled just like it would if you actuallyentered a real building.

The background sound also picked up pace if you were detected by guards and then slowed tempo afterwards (Splinter Cell).

There wasn't a really big need for audio in this game and the audio that was present was way above average for this game.

Unfortunately the graphics department must have fallen asleep at the wheel or have been rushing this to completion.

Therewere a TON of glitches in the game. One of my favorites is when youwere fighting, if you look at your shadow it looks like a bunch ofpieces of broken glass. As the game progressed, it seemed to get worse.I was in the bathroom getting ready to crawl up in to an air duct andit looked like Anya's pixels were sticking to the bathroom doors.

The intro to the game was pretty unfinished as well. For the mostpart during game play all the background objects looked finished anddetailed. Unfortunately, you're more likely to see all the glitchesthen the detail in the other objects.

Hip Interactive had and does have an original storyline for thisgame. A newer idea away from the rest of the RTS and FPS genre that hasbeen in mass production lately. Sadly, Stolen feels like a stolenSplinter Cell copy that has been remade and downgraded.

As I stated, the audio is fine and doesn't need any tweaking atall. Other major details like graphics, AI and the interactivity ofobjects needs drastic improving.

Replay value is going to be extremely low as I found myselfstruggling to keep playing just so I could write this review. Even ifyou like this type of action game, you're going to wind up beingdisappointed by the major bugs in the game. Maybe they'll come out witha huge patch for the game to make some of the improvements.

Stolen is worth a rental at best, definitely not a purchase item.

World of Warcraft (PC) Review

Nearly 10 years ago, the gaming world was changed when the first MMOGwas released to the masses. Not only did it combine mass amount ofplayers in a single area, but was extremely addicting and fun. Now,MMOG’s are everywhere, every genre has been touched and a wide varietycan be chosen. So you must be asking yourself, which genre is my styleof play, if you like Science Fiction then it’s Anarchy Online, or yourcup of tea might be war, WWII Online. But, there are those few gameswhich come and gives us all a second look into what we like most, a funaction oriented game that brings everything we love from those genresinto one.

World of Warcraft has been on the market for a few months now, andhas the worlds 2nd largest playerbase, second to Lineage. With 1.5Million subscribers and growing, there seems to be no end to thedominance WoW brings. Much to the dismay of recent MMOG titles, WoW hada near perfect launch, with only a few server mishaps andauthentication problems. Blizzard has put up a valiant effort to makethe servers stable and bug free.

MMOG’s backbones are quests and a great storyline, and WoW is noexception. It takes place 4 years after the events from Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos. The races of Azeroth have beaten back the BurningLegion and decided to rebuild their war torn world. The Night Elvesstill dwell in the forests to the North of Kalimdor. The Orcs nowsettle to the South of Kalimdor in the great city of Ogrimmar. Thehumans now take shelter in Southern Lordearon in the great city ofStormwind, whilst the Undead still haunt the fallen kingdom ofLordearon. Though, with their differences aside, an alliance with theraces have all but been shattered and open war has been declared again.This is where you come in, to become a great leader of the race of yourchoosing and defend your lands.

I found the controls to be great; it follows theW A S D format to move your characters. Simple point-and-click whilepicking up loots is easy enough and pathfinding seems very fluid. TheGameplay is the best I’ve seen in a MMOG, fighting monsters andleveling your character is more action oriented rather than boring andmonotonous. Like every MMOG, you’ll find a lot of people putting manyhours of time into there character, with WoWs new take on “resting” incities, you could be out of game for 3+ weeks and when you come backyou’ll have twice the amount of XP while leveling, giving you theopportunity of catching up with your high level friends. Most of thegameplay is centralized on you getting a Quest from an NPC andcompleting that quest for Experience Points (XP).

What can I say, you feel like you’re in the World ofWarcraft. If you are familiar with the previous RTS titles, then you’llbe familiar with many of the sounds in WoW. Everything is alive in theenvironment and the sound effects are incorporated with it. One of themany effects I found cool is during death. Some instances, you can moveyour ghost to places, which your live character would not go, there youcan hear many of the cinematics from the previous warcraft games.


Graphics aren’t the backbone of WoW, the game play is.But as many of my previous reviews states, graphics isn’t everything.If you can get by some of the corny animations and environments thenyou can really appreciate what Blizzard is trying to do. Warcraft is avery distinct RPG, and Blizzard tried to stay clear of the prettygraphics and have everyone realize the true essence of the WarcraftWorld. You feel like you are playing the RPG in a third person view.It’s an amazing job, and an experience worth savoring.

I liked everything about WoW; I still play it to this dayand still have countless amounts of fun. Blizzard has promised newcontent with future patches, and the world can only get bigger withtime. World of Warcraft is the best MMOG on the market right now. Ihighly recommend it to fans of the series and MMOG travelers alike.


Outlaw Golf 2 Review

Put the kids to bed, it's time to play some golf!!!

Outlaw Golf 2 brings a whole new element to the game of golf. Here are some features for this newest version:

8extreme courses in total, each with their own dynamic weatherconditions. These include 3 newly designed courses returning from theoriginal Outlaw Golf™ in addition to 5 brand new environments. From thearctic chill of Glacier Ridge to the steamy jungles of Aztec Acres,Outlaw Golf 2™ has it all, even a full sized miniature golf course anddriving range.

Features a fighting system that lets you beat up your caddie toincrease the Composure Response meter. No other Golf game packs thiskind of punch!

State-of-the-art Golf engine- Pioneering analogue swing technology now copied by many, originated and perfected by Outlaw.

Ok, with that out of the way, let me say first that I'm not a golffan at all. I've never played the sport and have no interest in hittinga little white ball around with a metal stick and then chasing afterit. Until now...

Outlaw Golf 2 is totally my style of golf. Nothing prim and properhere. Just good old fashioned 'let's have some fun anyway we can'.

Some sports games have a really high learning curve. This is one ofthose games, where I went straight to playing. I didn't do to bad atall. The little black 'help' button helped me make it through somecourses, although way over par.

Ifinally went to the movie/tutorial area and watched the instructionalvideos. I was laughing my a** off watching them. Here's one of a coupleof quotes. "When I see dem der three X's, Ima thinkin' I'm gonna watchme sum good porn" or "See the 'A' button? That's the a** kickingbutton" Hilarious!!!

Lots of different modes and characters to play with as well. Alright, on to some details.

Controls/Game Play:
As I said, I went in head first and started playing the gametossing aside the manual as well as ignoring the instructional videos.After hitting the black 'help' button several times I was easily ableto make my way through the game.

You're able to set the distance in which you hope to hit the ball,the angle at which your club strikes the ball and more importantly, thepower at which you hit the ball. All three of these are controlled byyour left and right thumb stick. When you have your shot set up, youpress 'A' and you set. Now pull back on one of the thumb sticks andwhen your power reaches the best range, you quickly push up on thethumb stick. The only catch is you have to make sure you push upstraight or your shot will be off.

There are also beatings you can dish out to your caddy to improveyou composure during the game. It's best to watch the tutorial on howto do this, but it's pretty easy. It was just fun watching thecharacters beat each other in the movies.

Overall, controls were excellent. Not too complicated but just enough options to keep things accurate and interesting.

Great job with the sound! I enjoyed all the menu song tracks aswell as in the in game sound tracks. Fits the game perfectly as well.

The character's voices were well done and matched the body movement well too.

Anytime you hit the ball you got that nice metal 'tink' sound fromyour club. Hitting the trees or water hazards sounded just right too.Good job with the sound folks.

This is definitely one of the reasons this is an adult oriented game.

Most of the characters are scantily dressed females. Not that I'mcomplaining about that at all. I could even see a tan line on one ofthe characters hips. Body movement was VERY smooth as you'll probablynotice in the opening sequence when they dance for you. How did theyget those hips and other body parts to move so realistically???!!

Background objects were appropriately detailed as well. When theball would roll in some terrain you could actually see the ball beingobstructed by the vegetation.

Another fine job in the graphics department.

Looking for a fun game for when the guys are over? This is it! Thecharacters have hilarious personalities along with the announcer. Lotsof different modes make for a lot of game play.

Your professional golfer may or may not like this game. Havingnever played the game of golf in real life before, I had a blastplaying this. Definitely one to add to your Xbox collection.

Delta Force Xtreme Review

\"Powered by today’s gaming technology, Delta Force®: Xtreme™ brings the classic Delta Force game back to life to face the enemy once more. As a member of the elite Delta Force, prepare yourself to take on over 60 levels of frantic single and multiplayer FPS action, including graphically enhanced missions from the original game, new maps, improved game features, STATS and much more- all for just $20*!\"That\'s quoted from the Novalogic website. Honestly I would have taken that 20 dollars and done something better with it, like burn it. Maybe if you were a die hard fan of the original Delta Force and don\'t mind Novalogic releasing recycled games all the time this is for you.I knew when I picked this game up that it was the original Delta Force with some added missions and a \"graphical update\" but I was hoping for more of a change. But, Delta Force is still the same old Delta Force. What\'s changed? Nothing really except the graphics. I\'ll get into the review and then get back into my critisms afterwards.Controls:Of course I never seem to have a problem with controls for any PC game and I didn\'t have one for Delta Force Xtreme either. You move just like in any other FPS with W A S D, Z goes prone, X crouches and C stands your numbers change weapons and there\'s a few other controls you\'ll want to get used to. Nothing bad in this category at all.Sound:Well you\'d think if this game is supposed to be so updated they would have thought, \"Hmm, maybe we should change the sounds that sound like the same exact ones from Delta Force 2\". But why do that? Why waste the time when they can just recycle everything and use it over and over again?! And that pretty much sums it up here the sounds are plain and dull and recycled which really takes away from the game for me sadly.Graphics:Now one thing I did notice here was that on my computer I didn\'t see much of an improvment from the Delta Force Blackhawk Down. It could be that it was because I had everything on normal but then again when I played Delta Force Black Hawk down I had a 64MB video card and now I have a 128MB graphics card and I don\'t see much improvment. Yes there\'s definitly an improvment from Delta Force the very first one but I don\'t see much else from the others. The screenshots from the website looked pretty good though so it\'s hard for me to judge in this category. For me it was nothing spectacular at all.Overall:And back to my criticisms we go, like I said much is recycled and I know, I know this is just supposed to be an update of Delta Force 1 with some new missions but the way it was advertised in my opinion was very misdirecting. One thing I can say good about this game though is the loading times were very fast and after you load up you can choose your arsenal after that it\'s just like any other Delta Force game, actually that\'s what it\'s supposed to be.Lets hope soon Novalogic can stop recycling their old work and instead of releasing all these Delta Forces that are the same as the previous ones except with new missions, release something up to par with the newer games comming out.I\'d say this game is not worth picking up unless you really enjoyed the first Delta Force but don\'t expect anything that is up to par with newer games comming out.

Dangerous Waters Review

Are you ready to be drawn into the front lines of battle? If so, Dangerous Waters is for you. Dangerous Waters is a HIGHLY in depth game which can provide hours upon hours of game play for any military simulation fan. With various types of vessels and craft to control, you won’t want to leave your PC.Dangerous Waters picks up where Jane’s simulations left off and then some. The game comes with a quick start manual as well as a regular manual, which is the size of a small novel itself. Thank you Battlefront for including the quick start manual. The game also includes voice command, which gives you the ability to literally ‘speak’ your commands. It does take a bit to set up, and I did find the use of the keyboard and mouse easier to use.Gameplay/Controls:As I just mentioned Dangerous Waters includes a voice command control system. It does take some time to set up the voice command system, but it does add a pleasant feature to the game. I preferred using the keyboard and mouse controls to the voice command. You’ll definitely want to take your time and read the manual Dangerous Waters comes with. If not the regular manual, at least the quick start manual. The game also comes with different playability modes. You can have the settings so if you’re a novice player, the crew will take over some of the minor details. If you feel adventurous, you can always switch to the more realistic mode and take complete control. Dangerous Waters does take time and effort to learn to play. Don’t expect to just jump right in and start kicking some butt. Once you get going you’ll learn to appreciate the detail and realism of the game. Sound:I found the sound overall to be on the lacking sound at times. The sound isn’t by far the key element of the game, but it could use some improvement. The sound with the voice control on the voice command was well done though. You could almost picture you crew performing your every command. Graphics:As you can tell by the screenshots, the graphics on Dangerous Waters are put together well. Gamers used to a FPS might not be all that enthralled, but keep in mind this is a military simulation and the graphics are done well where it counts. A couple of minor glitches here and there as well as a little lag during some sequences, but other than that, no complaints. Overall: Dangerous Waters has pushed the limits of military type simulation games. Opening the box and seeing the size of the manual should give you a hint for what you’re in for. Take the time to read through the manual and check out the tutorials. Those impatient gamers that like to jump in headfirst might find this game overwhelming. However, the detail put into the controls and the realism is what makes this game a very interactive simulation. This is a MUST own for anyone into military type simulation games. Sonalysts Combat Simulations did a fine job putting this together and you’ll find hours of game play on your hands.

Fight Night Round 2 Review

\"Fight Night Round 2\" is the sequel to \"Fight Night\" and it is a big step up from \"Fight Night\". \"Fight Night Round 2\" brings all of the best from \"Fight Night\" plus more.Controls/Gameplay:The controls are just so great on this game. You use your right joystick to throw punches (Straights, jabs, hooks, uppercuts and haymakers) while you use your left joystick to move, R plus your right joystick blocks different ways and L plus your right joystick bobs and weaves. You can always throw your illegal punches, signature move and taunts with the remaining buttons. The newest and one of the real exciting new features in the controls of \"Fight Night Round 2\" is the haymakers and haymaker meter you get now. You can throw haymaker hooks and uppercuts by winding up, just make sure you hit because it\'s easy to get countered.Gameplay was simple, everything was setup pretty well. You can start up right away and go head to head with a friend or you can create a character to use in head to heads or start a career with either one of the characters in the game already or by making your own. When making a character there is so much you can do, it\'s very detailed. You can do the basic stuff like, height, fat, muscle, hair, etc. but you can also adjust how wide the face is, how long the nose is, how the eyes are shaped, how the face is shaped, and more it\'s VERY detailed.When you start off you\'ll start off fighting amateurs for only 300 dollars a fight but it\'s okay because as you go through your first fights it will teach you how to punch, parry, throw haymakers, block and bob and weave. Once you progress to the professional league you start doing training like combo dummies, weight training, heavy bag, etc.Another new feature is you can hire people before your fight for a certain amount of money. You can hire a better cutman, either one that heals swelling faster or one that heals cuts faster. You can hire a entourage to escort you to the ring and this helps boost stats and you can also pay for better trainers.A real neat thing about \"Fight Night Round 2\" is the fact that once the round is over you go to your corner and now you have cutmen. What happens is it will say press A to heal swelling or press B to heal cuts. Once you do that in all for corners it will show numbers of how bad the damage is, the higher the worse. You use your left joystick to choose what you want to work on and you\'re right joystick to move this little white blip to keep up with another meter and it helps heal the swelling and cuts.Sound:The sound on fight night is very well done. The soundtrack they have for the game isn\'t the greatest, in fact some of the songs I found to be completely annoying so I disabled them in options. Other than that the ingame sounds were great. The audience sounded good and the sounds of landing your punches and especially your haymakers.Graphics:WOW! is all I can say, the graphics on \"Fight Night Round 2\" are simply amazing! All the fighters are VERY detailed. When you\'re sitting in your corner with your cutmen now you can see the sweat running down the fighters. You can also see blood running when they have a cut on their eye or their nose is bleeding. The details of the face are amazing as well, some of the best graphics I\'ve seen on XBox so far.Overall:If you like any type of boxing game this is a MUST have no matter what. Though I didn\'t get to try the internet with this game, for the single player alone I would get this game. A lot of improvements from the last \"Fight Night\" and things to keep you busy in between rounds like your cutmen really add to this game. One of, if not, THE BEST boxing game I have ever played. This game gets a straight 5.0 from me. Well worth the money if you like boxing.

Freedom Force VS the 3rd Reich Review

Is this the worst game ever? Maybe, maybe not. It all depends on what your definition of worst is. I wanted to try something new, something different. So at random I went to file planet and picked out one of their game demos. I picked Freedom Force VS the 3rd Reich and went OO Nazi and Super heroes, what an original concept; let’s see where this takes us. Sure enough I wasn’t disappointed. The story line goes, man loves wife, wife is freaked out by Neighbor, Neighbor kills wife, husband gets the chair, strange energy flows through him, Man receives super powers, man becomes “Tombstone”, and Tombstone kills the Neighbor. The Neighbor was just luckily in the room watching the execution, laughing.Now the game looks like they tried to make something fun. But, it’s not. The writing of the story line is more annoying then anything, and the super hero Tombstone is a joke. “My Neighbor killed my wife and now I’m a super hero”... I\'m speechless.The plus side is that character movement is good. Simple point and click. Someone should be able to jump right into the game and start playing, although I have no idea why they would.I just am trying to find good things to say about this game at this point, but I can’t. If the goal of \"Irrational Games\" was to make fun of comic books, World War II, and the intelligence of their target audience then they did a good job. Irrational Games surly lived up to their name! I might be a little hard on this demo, but the purpose of a demo is to try to convince people to purchase the game. Not shock them into thinking that some one some where thought that was a quality product. I tried to sit down and give this game a second chance but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I will be uninstalling this as soon as I’m done writing the review and hopefully will forget I even played it.If some one is craving a game with super heroes, tell them to try “City of Heroes”, I know it has a monthly fee, but it’s better to pay for quality monthly then new garbage.It\'s possible that this game just wasn’t for me, but try it, I DARE you.Oh, and if your looking for top notch graphics to save the day. I’m sorry my friend, this is a comic book game. Good graphics might take away from the novelty of it all.


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