MVP Baseball 2005 Review

MVP Baseball 2005 is continuation of the Baseball series made by EA SPORTS and if you enjoyed MVP 2004 you\'ll LOVE MVP 2005. This is about as real as a baseball game can get. EA frontiers their enhancements with the Hitter\'s Eye. The mini-game modes help enhance your hitting and pitching skills as you try to become the MVP of MVP Baseball 2005. When first playing I was immediately drawn in by the realism of the swing of the hitters. Everything about the game will get you hooked. Some of the new features include a quick pickoff attempt, movement in the batters box, swing analysis, owner\'s mode, create-a-ballpark, manager arguments, and the hitter\'s eye.If you have ever played baseball you\'ll come to appreciate this feature for this is almost exactly how a hitter approaches a certain pitcher. Obviously if a pitcher is good at hiding the ball it is going to be tougher to pick up the grip on the ball, which in turn makes it more difficult to hit. MVP brings it in color; if the ball is white (fastball), red (curve/slider,etc.) and green for off-speed pitchers. The hitter will have to adjust to pitches by their location, speed, and effectiveness to come up with a solid hit.Graphics:The graphics to the game on both the XBOX and the Playstation2 consoles are exceptional. The faces of the players are realistic along with the body structure. Baseball fields are well designed and very precise. While making diving catches or robbing a hitter of a home run the ball will actually appear to go into the player’s glove without \"morphing.\" The pitch analysis feature allows you to go back and review exactly how the ball made contact with the bat. The best replication of all of the players batting stances in the entire major league yet, also personalized home run trots and home plate celebration are fun to watch. Very nice!Sound:The bits and comments from the announcers are more or less the same, but the way that the ball sounds off the bat is amazing. There will be a different sound depending on which part of the bat you hit the ball with. I\'m not all that impressed with the soundtrack, I think the one in 2004 was much better but it\'ll do.Controls/Game play:The default controls for both the Playstation2 and the XBox are how it should be. MVP 2005 fixed some big time flaws such as the double play by adding the flip feature. The middle infielders will also side step the base runner so they can get a clean throw off to first base to complete the play. The batting portion of the game couldn\'t be more real. If you attempt to pull an outside pitch the hitter will lunge at it and either pop-up or hit a slow roller. While pitching, accuracy is certainly the key, as if you miss the location of your pitch, it could land in the seats. The long awaited coaching argument feature is a risky shot at trying to get a play overturned, but is fun and does work. Argue too much and you\'ll be forced to leave the managerial decisions up to the computer. For beginners this game would probably take a little bit of time getting used to, but once you get the hang of it and you really enjoy the game of baseball it\'s fun to play.


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