Send us your screeners!

We're aware that the term independent cinema is so loosely defined these days that most of the indies that people rave about are always populated by big time movie stars and backed by Hollywood studios. We're not saying that's inherently a bad thing, but we here at JustPressPlay are big proponents of the truly independent cinema. The ones home made by talents looking to be noticed and starring faces you've never seen.

For that reason, we are accepting unsolicited movie screeners from anyone. We can't guarantee a write-up, but we do want to know about your film. Before you send it over, though, please consider these simple points:

Have a release date. You don't need to be in bed with Fox Searchlight or Magnolia Pictures, but we need to make sure that our readers can find your movie after they read about it. It can be a limited theatrical release, a prominent film festival entry, or a date when it'll be available on DVD, iTunes, streaming, or even BitTorrent if that's your distribution model.

Include info in your package. It can be an official press release or an informal letter you wrote just for us, or both. We prefer it to be as brief as possible, but it should at least have the title, logline, cast/crew credits and release info.

Screeners will not be returned. So don't send us your master copy. Any screener we receive will be destroyed once we're done with them, to protect the property.

Movies under 45 minutes is considered a short. We will therefore treat them as such.

It's not porn. Feel free to send it to us, if you really want to, but chances are we won't write about it.

Got all that? Then burn that DVD (or Blu-ray, if you want to be fancy) and send it over to:

3023 North Clark Street, Box 758
Chicago, IL 60657

For any questions, contact Lex Walker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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